IIOT Brix – Sugar Mill

IIOT Brix – Sugar Mill

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 IIOT Brix Sugar Mill

Control of Brix is important activity of Sugar Mill.  If Brix varies even by ±5%, there can be huge loss to the owner of the industry, as production can suffer.

IIOT helps to control Brix by direct communication with the other sections like Vacuum Pan, Evaporator and Clarifier as Syrup passes through these sections

All these sections are equipped with Computer and simultaneous information is available on their computers.  Deviation is informed to concerned officers by SMS.  They can access Computer for rectifying the deviation and for easy communication.

If deviation occurs during night hours, concerned officers open their computer / laptop available at their residence after receipt of SMS.  Communication is done, between officers and instructions are sent to various departments to rectify the problem in short time.