Real time wireless monitoring system

Real time wireless monitoring system

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Real time wireless monitoring system  

Wireless Transreceiver (GPRS)-600GPRC belongs to the family of series 600 and effectively integrate, serial modbus devices to IP management system via EDGE or GPRC. It is a power reliable tool for communication of modbus base

d field mounted Instruments.

The application of 600GPRC is to measure various process parameters like level, temperature, pressure & flow etc & also electrical parameters like Voltage, Current, KW, KWh, frequency, power Factor KVA & KVAh..... Alternatively it can also receive serial MODBUS Data of instruments from third party. There is also a provision to operate control valve, disconnector, solenoid valve etc.

The information regarding process parameters can also be visible in mobile as well as tablet.                                       


1.Enclosure – Weather Proof & Explosion Proof certified by National Lab. CMRI Dhanbadh
2.Functional Test by National Lab ERTL