Wireless Communication through Omni Antenna

Wireless Communication through Omni Antenna

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Communication through Omni Antenna

Information regarding Level (High / Low) is required to check and converted to Ethernet Data.

This Data is connected to Radio Transmitter and Wireless Communication is done to the other side of Receiver without using wires.

The same data is connected to Computer.

SCADA Software in the Computer can display in graphic, historical data and graph alongwith facility of email and SMS.

The range of 5.8GHz communication is 5 to 30 KMs line of Sight.  There can also be provision for communication of Receiver with attached Omni-Antenna. Receiver can communicate to various multiple transmitters situated at an angle of 270°.

This application helps to improve efficiency of crane/loader and we are able to watch and record the performance.


  1. Enclosure – Weather Proof & Explosion Proof certified by National Lab. CMRI Dhanbadh
  2. Functional Test by National Lab ERTL
  3. Radiation Power Interference Test by M/s. Sameer of Kolkata