Wireless Pump Controller

Wireless Pump Controller

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Wireless Pump control without Computer (600EAD)

                                           Pump Control without Computer

The application of wireless pump transmitter and receiver is to operate pump without using wire. It also senses water pressure at the Discharge of the pump and give feedback at control room panel. Whenever there is dry run of pump, operator can take corrective action. Field panel has got independent relays, contact of which can be used to connect to starter by customer. Auto manual switch is provided at the field panel. On auto, pump operates through control room panel and on manual, communication set up can be by-passed for direct operation of the pump. This facility helps to operate the pump in case of failure of wireless communication.

The range of 5.8GHz communication is 5 to 30 KMs line of Sight.  There can also be provision for communication of Receiver with attached Omni-Antenna. Receiver can communicate to various multiple transmitters situated at an angle of 270°.


  1. Enclosure – Weather Proof & Explosion Proof certified by National Lab. CMRI Dhanbadh
  2. Functional Test by National Lab ERTL
  3. Radiation Power Interference Test by M/s. Sameer of Kolkata